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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

253 . 651 . 3752

Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC


In-Person Workshop



I am excited to invite you to an exclusive, in-person, 2-day workshop. Spend the weekend learning practical ways to deepen your connection to your own inner resources and receive spirit guidance directly*. You will be especially comfortable if you are a HSP, Empath, or Introvert. 

I created Embodied Awakening to bring you the deep acceptance, clarity, and safety that clients have gained for many years. I want to introduce you to the tools you already have access to. Giving you the confidence to step up to the door of the spiritual world and enter. No guide or conduit needed.


As you remember your light, and shift your consciousness using healing energies, you'll feel more radiance and peace. You’ll feel — and know — that you are safe in your body, you are loved and deeply accepted, cared for, deserving of care, worthy, and not too much. You'll be supported to increase insights that will guide you to the vitality of living your true nature. The helping spirits are compassionate beings who are never tired or too busy for you. 


This gathering is intentionally small — if you resonate with this offering register to ensure the space isn't filled. If you have *any* questions do reach out directly. I'd love to answer them. 

February 4th and 5th, 2023

9am - 3pm

(one hour lunch — provided)

Tacoma, WA — Limited space


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Even before we meet on February 4th, you'll receive guidance and understanding about what shamanism is, what is available to you, and how it will help you. 

Over the weekend workshop you will meet and begin your relationships with your spirit guides. You will build (or strengthen) the foundation to journeying on your destiny, clearing contracts, soul retrieval, and extraction. Because you'll find and connect with your guides, they can be available in an instant allowing you to feel empowered, back to center, and able to handle what comes your way. 

When we come together you will first be guided to let go of daily obligations and thinking mind dominance. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Set an intention

  • Align with healing energy

  • Travel to the spirit world to meet your compassionate spirit helpers and a power animal 

  • Cultivate a relationship with your helpers and guides

  • Further your practice on your own


While this may sound lofty — you'll see that these basic practices can be learned rather quickly and it's in the repeating of them that the gains become richer.

After each practice, there will be time to journal (important to capture the messages, felt sense, even if it's not making sense at the time, they can take time to digest). 

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Yes! Your shamanistic teachings & guidance work!!
Now I have understanding of my life challenges and
a big-buy-in to my life purpose. 

Heart Healing Client



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Along with the experienced guidance, introduction to your helpers, and tools to continue your practice, you will receive:

  • A light nourishing lunch both days

  • A journal to use throughout the weekend and beyond

  • Ceremony tools including a 3" braided sweet grass and egg rattle

  • Recorded meditation — lifetime usage

  • Ongoing support with digital meet ups throughout the year

  • Yearning for more emotionally meaningful relationships?

  • Seeking deeper meaning of life or your soul's destiny?

  • Wanting more spiritual depth to rely on during stress?

  • Wishing to make ordinary life feel extraordinary?



This weekend will: 

  • Redirect you away from critical mind, endless to-do lists, and exhaustion

  • Support you to build Distress Tolerance — tools to strengthen it

  • Introduce you to a profound and unique relationship with the universe

  • Begin to build your relationship with the universe

  • Ease feeling of being alone — send you out with tools to deepen the connections always there for you

  • Show you your truest, most radiant self

If you resonate with this offering — please reserve your spot. Space is intentionally limited, as I want this gathering to be intimate and deeply powerful.


If you have *any* questions do reach out directly. I'd love to answer them. 

Meet Your Guide

Certified Spiritual Healer

Deanne Dietz has been a therapist since 1996, and maintains a state license (LMHC) and national certification (NCC). She is also an Ordained Minister and a Certified Spiritual Healer.​ She has studied mainstream therapy techniques as well as shamanic healing, psycho-spiritual counseling, bioenergetics, Energy Psychology, dyad communication, grief and loss ceremonies, Restorative Touch Energy Work, Tantra, EMDR, Enlightenment Intensives, Brain Health, Neuroleadership and Authentic Leadership. She will bring this experience and expertise to this workshop.

Deanne understands first hand the words like "spiritual' or "religion" can trigger a complicated mix of feelings...  joy /dread, love /shame, awe /obligation. No matter where you are, everyone can benefit from the self-empowerment that comes with Spiritual Resourcing.


There is a comfort that comes from being able to go “home” – home to a group of friends where we are unconditionally loved, or home to a trustworthy space in nature or that healing space and guidance found in non-ordinary reality. In this workshop Deanne will lead you to journey to this place. 

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