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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

253 . 651 . 3752

Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

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About Deanne


A mission born from experience

To heal from my childhood, I have gained wisdom and grace by learning how to sit through the depth of my pain and sorrow. Many times, I had to learn the hard way. I am grateful for these times of darkness, as they taught me to start with the pinhole of light.​

My passion is to use the teachings from my own healing journey and support others’ transformation of challenges into wisdom, expansion of their heart, and deepening of spiritual presence.

My experience as a school counselor, trauma therapist, instructor, and relationship and leadership coach draws on a wide range of approaches. I have studied mainstream techniques, as well as, shamanic healing, psycho-spiritual rituals and ceremony, bioenergetics, Energy Psychology, dyad communication, grief and loss ceremonies, Restorative Touch Energy Work, Tantra, EMDR, Enlightenment Intensives, Brain Health, Neuroleadership and Authentic Leadership.

I maintain a state license (LMHC) and national certification (NCC). I am an Ordained Minister and a Certified Spiritual Healer.​

Be more self-confident

Be excited and self-motivated

Develop new pathways to achieve your goals

Magnify your ability to give and receive love

Feel clarity in your decisions

Find more direction and focus

Improve trust, communication and respect in your relationships

Increase your ability to manage problems

​I have been featured on the Vibrational Health Radio Show, where I coached parents to raise responsible, capable, and conscious children. I have counseled deaf and hearing children and youth in schools on a wide range of issues, as well as provide in-home family intervention for conflict resolution and effective communication.

​I have enjoyed volunteering at a shelter with women and children who had experienced domestic violence, being a youth activity coordinator (including ropes course facilitation), and facilitating Parenting with Love and Logic classes.

These experiences have been my path of evolution.

My mission is to honor these teachings by supporting your healing journey.​ You deserve confidence, clarity, and compassion for yourself. You deserve to live authentically, whatever that means to you. I can help you heal from your past and live more fully in the present. Together we create personalized tools that release the armor and barriers to your joy.


Recent Trainings

Telehealth: Legal and Ethical Considerations, March 27, 2020, Sept 4, 2020

Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals, 2 day, PESI, May 2020

Rewire the Anxious Brain: Using Neuroscience to end Anxiety, Panic, and Worry, Managing the Cortex, Medications in the Treatment of Anxiety, Exposure Strategies, Mindfulness and the Anxious Brain, Treating Comorbid Depression, Interventions for OCD and GAD, Catherine Pittman, PhD,March 2019

NeuroCoach Certification and NeuroLeader Certification, Optimind, November 2018

Brain Health Coaching Certification, Amen Clinic, September 2018, 50CE

Neuroendocrinology of Acute, Chronic and Complex PTSD, Ana Gomez/Uri Bergmann PhD, March 2015

Progress Notes/Recordkeeping, Francis Schopick, JD, MSW, LICSW, March  2015

The Use of EMDR With Complex Trauma & Dissociative Symptoms, Curt Rouznzoin, PhD, EMDR Institute, January 2015

Looking Through the Eyes: EMDR and Ego State Therapy Across the Dissociative Continuum, Sandra Paulsen, PhD, December 2014, Seattle WA

1st Summit of Complex Trauma, Dissociative Symptoms & EMDR Therapy, Sandra Paulsen, PhD; Carol Forgash, LCSW; Jim Knipe, PhD; Uri Bergmann, PhD, EMDR Institute, November 2014

EMDR in the Treatment of Complex Trauma, for Clients with Symptoms of Addictive & Compulsive Behaviors, Susan Brown, PhD, Olympia WA, May 2014

Integrating Neurobiology & EMDR: Part 3-4, Exploring the Thalamus and Neural Integration, Dean Dickerson, PhD, Olympia WA, March 2014

When There Are No Words: EMDR for Very Early Trauma and Neglect, Sandra Paulsen,  Seattle WA, December 1-2, 2013,14 CE

Integrating Neurobiology & EMDR: Part 1-2, Brain Evolution and Adaptive Information Processing, Dean Dickerson, PhD, Olympia WA, November 2013

“I See You, I Feel You, I Know You: An EMDR Attachment-Focused Model to Heal the Parent-Child Bond”, Ana Gomez MC, LPC, Olympia WA May 2013,

Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator, The Gottman Institute, May 2013

Clinical Supervision I-III, Yvonne Owen, PhD, Cascadia Training, Seattle WA April 2013

Using the EMDR AIP Model for Treating Adult Clients with Complex PTSD, Jim Knipe, PhD, Seattle, WA, Feb 2012

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