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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

253 . 651 . 3752

Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC


EMDR Transformation Intensive


During your intake appointment we will explore your specific circumstances and answer any questions that you have about your specific treatment. Perhaps you've tried talk therapy without the somatic transformation you were looking for, or you just want to fast-track your healing. Whether you'll solely focus on sessions with me, or continue to see your "weekly" therapist you love while attending EMDR Intensives, we both need to agree this approach is appropriate for you.

The EMDR Intensive (weekly- 3 or 6 hours) or Retreat format (5-6 hours per day, 4-5 days in a row) is a brain-based and somatic therapy model that helps you clear limited beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that keep you from living your full potential.
Basically, if you had a crappy childhood, and want more from your life, this is a great way to heal.
You will overcome current challenges resulting in confidence and a sense of purpose.
People heal deeply when they break free from the trauma imprints that have haunted them. You'll develop life long tools and have the opportunity to explore spiritual support, as well.  

Besides my personal experience of thriving after trauma, after I first had to learn how to get out of hell, I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Resourcing, NeuroAffective and Attachment Repair, Imaginal Nurturing, Mindfulness, Shamanism, Positive Psychology, Complex and Developmental Trauma Clearing, Peak Performance Coaching, Brain Health, and Transformational Coaching. I also have advanced training in Dissociation and Complex Trauma.

These sessions are not just a longer session of standard EMDR.
The methodologies listed above will be integrated to meet your individual needs.​

“Why do the work in longer sessions rather than the traditional hour?”

Research shows that intensive sessions allow clients to achieve their therapeutic goals in nearly half the time. While it can be a larger up front cost, the shorter duration can be a cost effective way to overcome trigger reactions and behavior. We are able to process considerable more content when we aren't reviewing the day to day struggles, or closing down 10 minutes before the end of each hour to make sure you are present to drive your car and get back to your responsibilities.

"I stepped into the challenger role and practiced some big time distress tolerance this past week. It was perhaps the hardest thing I have ever done. But it really transformed me; it was incredible. I feel like a whole new person, like I can say anything (fully be myself) from this new space… and the tension in my body just kind of melted away."  Nicole, Washington

“How long will it take?

If you are looking for Performance Enhancement, we will trace the root of the sabotage, clear the old programs and install more adaptive pathways typically in 4-5 Intensive sessions.

Longer sessions allow the work to unfold deeply.
The overall time is dependent on your coping skills and ability to stay present during processing. The Find Calm in the Chaos course is available to help you soothe your nervous system and get more out of the sessions. Intensives often start with a full-day intensive (5-6 hours) to set the foundation and begin reprogramming your pathways, and then half-day (up to 3 hours) weekly or twice weekly sessions. If you have Complex Trauma or dissociative symptoms, this pace tends to work better than the week long retreat.

We'll Reinstall Innate Resources / Reset the Affective Circuits, which involves clearing the emotional pathways that each of us is born with, but may not be functioning as they were intended. You’ll feel more trust in guidance from within and therefore, less guessing about what you want and need.

Clearing early maladaptive memory networks depends on how "gnarled" the roots of the tree have become by growing around early obstacles. Updating the old and strengthening new pathways impact how you show up in the world as your authentic self, fueling your passion and presence.

After completing 3-8 intensives, most people notice changes in how they manage emotional situations and an improved sense of boundary setting. They tend to be more calm and able to make decisions with more ease. Others report not explaining or defending themselves, or getting hooked. Clearing out old stories you live by gives you more ease with experiencing emotions and perspective to update strategies you are using in current life situations.

People with C-PTSD or Dissociative Disorders may complete 8-10 intensives to establish a felt sense of safety, and integrate resourcing to experience the same results. They may continue on to complete 10-15 intensive to feel free of trauma and living fully. 

"I don't avoid and I just get it over with. I have more tolerance for emotion...I don't have to fight to be heard. I'm more calm instead of emotionally reactive." Olivia, Tacoma, WA

"I'm not afraid to have difficult conversations. I'm speaking up for myself in my relationships." Michael, WA

Sample Schedule of an Individual Online or In person EMDR Intensive Retreat Week (PST)
Monday 12:30-3:30pm and 4-7 pm 
Tuesday 9am-12 pm, Find Calm in the Chaos exercises, 3-6pm 
Wednesday 9am-12pm, Find Calm in the Chaos exercises, 3-6pm  
Thursday 9am-11pm, 12-1pm Integration and Closing 

Optional add on: Thursday 9am-12pm, and 3-6pm, Friday 9am-1pm

The schedule provides opportunity for integrating the resourcing skills taught, rest, meditation, Tai Chi / Qi Gong, Reiki, massage or other body work you may want to soothe your nervous system and integrate shifts. 

*Accommodations: The office is located in the 98402 zipcode, about 6 miles from the nature trails of Point Defiance and 2 miles from the waterfront of Ruston Way. You can book an AirBnB like this one and schedule a reflexology, cranial or reiki session. 

Will my insurance cover the cost of the Intensive? 
If you have out of network benefits, insurance will often reimburse a percentage of one hour per day, per week. For some plans, I can send your reimbursement request directly, or I will provide you with a receipt/superbill to submit after you pay the full fee up front.

“How will I feel afterward?”

After the work, your brain and body will be integrating. Most people don’t want to jump into tasks right away. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, be in nature, allow rest, a bath, or anything else you find restorative. 

If it's challenging to think of how you will feel after you go through this process, I wrote a song that may help. (AI put it to music) Here are the words if you would like to sing along. 


“How do I schedule?”

If you would like to explore this method, schedule an in office or online 55 minute intake. We'll determine whether this format is a good fit for you, schedule a single day, or a week long retreat. While I can answer general questions you have about the intensives prior to your intake, I cannot answer specific treatment questions until I have met with you and understand more about your specific circumstances. 

Click here to contact me for intake paperwork to get scheduled. 

"I feel more oneness with nature and that I belong here." Beverly, Kent, WA
"I no longer feel guilt for my abundance. No more imposter syndrome. I deserve good things." Marilyn, Lake City, WA


What is the cancellation policy? (confirmed cancellation, from the start of appointment)

5 days or more: 100% toward rescheduling within 30 days (less fee: 1 hr rate for 1/2 day, 1/2 day rate for whole day cancelled).
48 hours to 5 days: 50% toward reschedule, within 30 days.
48 hours or less: 25% toward reschedule within the 30 days.
Cancellation within 2 hours or less: 0% toward reschedule.

How does payment work? 

55 minute Intake: $180 - confirm and hold your date by making a payment.


1/2 Day / Up to 3 hour block: 
To confirm and hold your date, payment of $625 is made.
$75 discount, when full payment is made in cash.
(payment due when making your appointment) 


1 Day / 5-6 hour block: (includes Find Calm in the Chaos prep course, Reg. $139)
To confirm and hold your date, payment of $1250 is made.
$150 discount, when full payment is made in cash.
(payment due when making your appointment) 


EMDR Intensive Retreat (can be scheduled Monday through Friday): 
To confirm and hold your dates, payment of $4375 is made.
$425 discount, when full payment is made with cash.
($3950 payment due when making your appointment) 
The retreat includes a prep course Find Calm in the Chaos Reg. $139, 18-20 hours of 1:1 EMDR, a 60-90 minute integration session, an aftercare guide to soothe your soul, and optional 30 minute phone or video check in.

8 Week Embodied Awakening Transformation

Includes eight 1/2 day EMDR Intensives, five Soul Retrieval Healing Sessions, weekly video lessons and weekly phone and text support. 

A limited number are offered each month, September through May. To confirm, payment of $4325 is made. A second payment of $4325 is due prior to week 5. $250 discount per payment when it is made with cash ($4075 each).

Venmo 253-651-3752 / @Deanne-Dietz-111, Paypal:
OR click your service from the website to pay with credit card or paypal.  This link will take you to

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