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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take?

Of course, there are a number of factors that determine this for each client and couple.

Some people are ready to go full on and clear out one “closet” after another. Other people deal with one issue, then go live life for a while before moving on to the next. The length of time one has had the issue tends to increase the length of time it takes to shift beliefs and practice new behaviors.

EMDR can reduce the length of therapy time dramatically.

Typically, couples and individuals attend 20-30 hours of intensives. Weekly clients with complex trauma, dissociation, and / or chronic issues typically attend one to three years.

During the assessment phase, I will make a recommendation of goals and make sure that we are on the same page regarding your treatment. It’s important to consider what works for you and honor where you are. There are no required lengths of time. Do what feels right for you.

I offer coaching and counseling

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Do you bill my insurance?

​Insurance can provide the financial resources to help you obtain your treatment goals. Please inquire about your mental/behavioral health services your policy covers, if I am an in-network or out of network provider on your plan, and if authorization is required before or during your treatment. Insurance companies will not guarantee payment of mental health services, rather, will make a final decision after the claim is received.


If you have First Choice, Premera, LifeWise, Kaiser Access PPO, or Kaiser Options Federal PPO as your behavioral health benefits, click here for one of my Associates who can see you for telehealth individual therapy. It will be in network coverage: this means you will pay for services until your yearly deductible is met, and then you will only pay your coinsurance and/or your copayment, which is due at the time of service.


If you have out of network health insurance, payment is due 24 hours prior to your service through the paypal address provided. There is usually some reimbursement and I will submit a reimbursement request to your primary insurance, for most companies (not Optum, Regence).

If you have more than one insurance, I will bill your primary insurance. Whether it is your primary or secondary, I do not bill Medicare and it is my understanding that you will not receive reimbursement from them.

In or Out of Network:

Your insurance company may require: session content, time and date you attended, goals, interventions, and progress toward your goals, to consider your claim or authorization for future sessions.  

If you would like to know what is reported about your medical history: Medical Information Board at 866-692-6901 or POB 105, Essex Station, Boston, MA, 02112.     


A note about INSURANCE or using an HSA account for couples/ relationship work:

Couples/Relationship coaching is focused on learning the skills needed, clearing old resentments or habits, shifting beliefs, updating thought patterns, whatever is needed to create a deeply fulfilling relationship.

Insurance requires a diagnosis of one person, and documentation of medical necessity, connecting the necessity of couples therapy to treat the individual's mental health disorder. The couples coaching assessment, intake and action plan will not satisfy these additional requirements and I will not submit a reimbursement request as they do not cover V-Codes.

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How do I know if my insurance will reimburse me?

​If you have First Choice Health, Premera, LifeWise, Kaiser Access PPO, or Kaiser Options Federal PPO, you will receive in network benefits for individual sessions. 

It is important for you to inquire about your insurance company's specific requirements prior to your first appointment:


a.) Do you have in or out of network coverage with Heart Healing Counseling Corporation NPI 1447480074? 


b.) What is your deductible for individual sessions and how much have you satisfied? When does your plan renew?


c.) What is the number of sessions provided on your plan? Is authorization required prior to or at any time during your treatment?


d.) What percent of their allowable amount do they reimburse for an out of network provider, individual Counseling CPT code 90837? 


All insurance companies require medical necessity. Feel free to call your insurance company for more information or we can talk about this during your first appointment.

Regular rates                      

$170 for a 55 minute individual therapy session                               

$250 for a couples coaching 75 minute session                              

Contact me for coaching package rates (will not qualify for medical necessity for insurance or HSA reimbursement purposes).                 

How Do I Get Started?

Note: Only complete forms after we have spoken to make sure there is a time available and you understand your insurance/payment choices.

I am not able to hold appointment times until all of your intake paperwork is complete and I confirm your appointment.  If you email them to me, please call or text to confirm I receive them. 

For couples work, read through the Info and Disclosure. Each of you, return your completed intake forms to set up an appointment or visit for more info. 

For individual work, read through the Disclosure and Privacy documents, then return your completed intake form to set up an appointment.

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What will it cost if

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You have a right to confidential services where the services are defined by your needs.


I offer private pay options to individuals and families who do not have or use insurance/HSA/HRA/FRA.

You may pay by cash, check, debit/credit card or paypal.  Credit card payments will be processed by

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