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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

253 . 651 . 3752

Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Do you feel like you are in your own way?
Are you ready to change unhealthy beliefs?
Do you experience invasive thoughts that you can't stop?

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EMDR can help you with:

adjusting to life changes

grief and loss




chemical use

combat stress


eating disorders

inability to substain intimate relationships


obsessive compulsive disorder


workplace performance issues


sexual dysfunction

sleep disorders

nightmares, night terrors

social anxiety

weight issues

Whether or not you've experienced a specific trauma, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an integrative treatment approach to help you transform stuck patterns and beliefs. It's like being freed from the puppet strings that control your life, even though you may not even be aware they are there.

Memories have particular thoughts, emotions, and body sensations associated with them that can drive our current behaviors. EMDR helps reprocess the memories to become more adaptive so your past experiences become sources of wisdom.

The process of EMDR does not require you to re-experience the trauma or causes of your beliefs, rather, we look through a window to access the memory.

Most clients experience a significant decrease in triggers (things that create distress) after EMDR sessions or half day intensives. You may or may not know the exact origin of what gets in your way. That is the beauty of EMDR.

I am currently accepting new clients for Individual EMDR Intensives or Retreats treating trauma and dissociation. Insurance often reimburses for part of the session. I will provide you with a superbill.

“I really didn’t know what to expect…it’s so nice to not get as mad about little things.”

~ wife and student

“I feel like I’ve done way more therapy than I did. I have been much more motivated and effective in my day and I don’t hear my father’s voice.”​

~ business owner

“It was subtle, but I just don’t feel nervous all the time.”

~ man after home invasion

“I am so glad I decided to do EMDR. It made such a difference in helping me get over my past abuse. I am much more confident and don’t have to prove myself. Such a relief!”

~ mother of three

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