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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

253 . 651 . 3752

Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

Integral Counseling


What will counseling be like for you?


Integral counseling helps you develop an authentic connection with your true self. Many people get dominated by the activity of their mind, and miss out on valuable signals and guidance from their emotions, physical body, and spiritual self. Therefore, we will not just talk about your issues, we will explore within you to help you gain full access to yourself. This is what I call awakening to yourself.


When you feel most stuck on your journey, you will often find that your progress is impeded by unresolved grief, fear, anger, and other blocks held in the body. Integral counseling moves you through such obstacles with a balanced and comprehensive approach that clears barriers. It draws from many counseling styles to help you experience a cohesive, holistic healing process.

There is no prescribed path of evolution toward your truth. You, like everyone else, travel through life according to your unique experiences and beliefs. You move and grow at a pace that is right for you. Therefore, your process in therapy is dependent on what unfolds. Below are levels of yourself that we will explore.


The mind and its mental constructs are extremely powerful. We humans exceed our technological goals, travel in outer space, and drill into the depths of the earth--yet we are limited in our ability to understand and master our own mental activities.

Our mental constructs--our past beliefs, habits, experiences, and story--are useful to help us survive, but they can also limit us from conscious communication and expansion.

Integral counseling can bring you to greater awareness of your mind and its workings, so you can expand it consciously, in the present moment. When you develop a keen awareness of your mind and improve your ability to communicate, you become less entrapped by the obstacles it presents.


Many people fear the damage that could be done if they just let their emotions run wild. This is because their life experiences are typically imprinted into the physical body. This imprinting creates filters which influence their emotions and reactions . The thicker the filters, the less authentically the emotions are expressed, and the more reactionary they become.

Integral counseling helps you disintegrate the imprinting of past experiences and the filters that cloud your authenticity. Gaining clarity around your emotions allows for more conscious expression of them, greater compassion for yourself, and more empathy for others.

​Physical Body​

The body is not just a container for the state of mind, nor is it just the vehicle for the expression of emotions. The body is the being.

Our bodies carry much wisdom for us, whether they convey that wisdom in subtle messages or more extreme ones. Heart problems, for instance, often emerge in adults who do not feel loved and supported. Yet heart treatment is often approached as if the heart were a malfunctioning part of a machine, rather than as part of a whole being that needs holistic attention.
Integral counseling presumes that our bodies are valuable contributors to helping us speak our minds and express our emotions and our spirit. Increasing body awareness through counseling allows you to use these subtle messages to obtain another level of healing.


Spirituality is part of the human experience. Spirit, or core/true self, is as deeply interwoven with who you are as your mind, emotions, and physical body. Integrating spirituality into your personal growth work gives you the support to release years of built-up mental constructs, emotional holdings, and trauma that has been stored in the physical body. This is a separate experience from organized religion.

Intimacy with your spirit/core/true self magnifies your personal radiance, functioning, and vitality and leads to greater intimacy with others.

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