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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

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Helping people bring structure and calm to chaos

Deanne Carter, LMHC

Need DeStress tools right now?​

Complete this four part course in about two hours

with guided strategies to "Find Calm in the Chaos"

and stay cool under pressure.​ For $139

Includes a 15 minute email or phone consult 

1. Expand your Awareness ​: Identify the signals of a trigger and what to do about it

2. Transform by updating your programming ​​: Increase your mental agility, presence and ability to problem solve

3. Take more strategic action : Become more responsive and resourceful to yourself and others, and gain more effective decision making  

How can you help me?

Feel like you don’t know who you are?

Do you experience invasive thoughts that you can't stop?

Is your partner relationship not what it used to be?

Are you struggling to find meaning in life

I specialize in EMDR trauma clearing Intensives and Retreats, and Relationship Intensives for couples on the brink of separation. 


Shift the root of the issue, gain confidence and trust within yourself, improve interpersonal relationships, and decrease dissociative symptoms. Your intensive includes prep work and follow up support. 

People come in for a variety of issues: struggling with managing emotions, not being able to feel safe despite many supports in place, frequently feeling helpless or shame, having a hard time navigating relationships, coping with the aftermath of an affair, tired of having the same arguments with loved ones, missing fulfillment, and even therapists who are seeking their own growth. 


​Old beliefs like "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not important" can get in the way of your happiness. My clients tend to be successful in their life (outward presentation), but feel shame or hyperalert on the inside. It's hard to change old coping skills like pleasing, looking for your sense of worth in other's approval, detaching, or staying busy. Change happens when you update these negative beliefs.


Since 1996, I've been helping people shift sabotaging behaviors and focus on solutions. Stop blaming, power tripping, and disrespecting yourself or your partner. ​

 “Why do the work in longer sessions rather than the traditional therapy hour?”

The traditional therapy hour includes a check in and closing. It’s important for the therapist to assess your current state to guide the session content, as well as assist you to be ready to integrate outside of the office after each session. While necessary, this reduces the amount of time for deeper work.

Sample Schedule of an Individual EMDR Intensive Retreat

(19-23 hours of EMDR)

Free Prep Course: Find Calm in the Chaos

(2 hours, Reg. $139) Optional

Monday 12-6pm* EMDR

Tuesday morning meditation/body work, 12:30-3:30pm / 5-6:30pm EMDR

Wednesday 8:30-11:30am, afternoon nature walk, 5-6:30pm EMDR

Thursday morning meditation/body work, 1-5pm EMDR

Friday morning 8-12pm, afternoon meditation, body work, integration

You'll receive and aftercare guide and an up to 30 minute consult a few days after your intensive retreat as part of your package.

*Stay at an Air BNB in the 98402 zipcode or near Point Defiance

Longer sessions allow the work to unfold deeply. Research shows that intensive sessions allow clients to achieve their therapeutic goals in nearly half the time. This is cost effective and very satisfying to clients to overcome those trigger reactions and behaviors in a shorter period of time.

“How many hours will I need?”

The number of hours is dependent on your history, coping skills, and ability to stay resourced during processing. Being able to contain material and have a felt sense of safety is a priority.  After completing 12-18 hours (sometimes less particularly if you have effective coping skills), people notice changes in how they manage emotional situations and an improved sense of boundary setting. They tend to be more calm and able to make decisions with more ease. Others report not explaining or defending themselves, or getting hooked in other ways. Clearing out old templates/stories we live by, can give you more ease of experiencing emotions and give your adult self a fresh perspective and allow you to easily update strategies you are using in current life situations. People with complex trauma may complete 24-30 hours, and/or shorter sessions (3 hours) to experience the same results.


It is important to work with someone who is a good fit for you. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC) with over 20 years of experience, I can support you in gaining clarity about where you would like to be in your life.


For therapists seeking in virtual licensure supervision, I am a Washington State Clinical Supervisor for LMHCAs. (currently full)

If you have a telehealth appointment scheduled with Deanne, sign in to the waiting room here.*

*Test your audio/visual technology prior to your appointment.

If your computer does not support the use of, we can arrange to use VSee. Click here for the link. 

How do I get started? 

I currently have openings for individual or couples intensives (1/2 day sessions). 

Virtual Laser Coaching

30 minutes - Ask Me Anything - 

coaching for individuals or couples: Pay here:$100

Don’t just survive – thrive.

Get strong through the struggle.

Call 253.651.3752 to get started.

What clients say:​

Deanne Carter is an amazing therapist and healer.  I started working with Deanne in June 2018 after years of struggling with Complex PTSD, unresolved childhood trauma, depression and the laundry list of struggles that comes with those issues.  I had been in group therapy, individual counseling and recovery programs for years, but still felt stuck, misunderstood and that the tools provided were not effective for me for long term healing from my C-PTSD.  


When my therapist retired and my group therapy ended, I approached Deanne as I found that she was trained in EMDR, a methodology I hadn't tried yet.  As we started on my therapy journey we did, and continue to, use EMDR but also so many other tools that Deanne brought to the table.  I soon gained a high level of trust with Deanne, something that doesn't come easy to me as a person that has a background of trauma.  Since we have started, I continue to see significant progress with healing my anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, childhood trauma issues and most importantly, my relationships with friends, family and the world at large.  


In addition, my effectiveness in my outside recovery programs have much improved as well, as I am beginning to recognize and understand the root of addiction and how to use the solutions presented in those programs.  In conjunction with this, I have been able to find a spiritual path for myself that is mine and I am beginning to trust.  In short, I have learned to trust myself as part of this process and our work together has been, and continues to be, effective in a profound way for me.  


Deanne is very professional and current with the most cutting edge therapy but also exhibits deep empathy, understanding and insight that comes with experience healing people who tend to resist looking inside themselves to find their healing path.  She has provided me with a safe environment to delve into, understand and heal my inner depths.  Considering where I started and where I am now, the above accolades don't due justice to how grateful I am to have found Deanne as my therapist.  I have recommended her to many of my recovery friends who were searching for a trauma therapist and highly recommend Deanne as a therapist, relationship counselor or spiritual coach.  Thank you Deanne for your commitment to this work and my recovery!


~Brad, Tacoma WA


I encourage you to read over my website and schedule an intake meeting. If you decide within the first 15 minutes we are not a good match, you owe nothing. Otherwise, we’ll take time to carefully assess how to turn your concerns into goals and your pain into wisdom.

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Licensed mental health counseling and coaching services for teens, adults, individuals, and couples.  

Located in the Stadium District, serving the Tacoma, Sumner, Puyallup,

Steilacoom, and University Place area in Pierce County, Washington​


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